Yoga in Nusa Lembongan – September 2018

My plans have changed pretty drastically. I’m not in Phillipines at all.

I’m on an island called Nusa Lembongan – and yes, I struggle every time I say it. It does not roll off the tongue at all. In fact, I found myself just saying “the island” just to avoid attempting to say it and sound like an idiot. 

Just before I left Amed, there was a teaching job posted online for a studio here and I applied. They seemed keen on me so a few days later I went and met the team and the following day I taught a class. Before I went to teach though I had a thought of “am I gonna remember how to do this?” which is ridiculous because of course I remember. It’s a team of ladies which is nice to see all that girl power

The other good thing about the job is no “karma hours”. At the studio I was working at in Gili Air, in exchange for a room in a shared space behind reception, we had to do two hours a day on reception. I never really minded it, but I would have preferred to not do reception and get my own place. However, the owner was very clear that this wasn’t allowed. 

So this studio is just come in, teach, and leave. Oh, and get paid. Not enough to make a huge amount of money, but enough to not be worried about money. Which is all I really need. 

I’ve also spent the last few days in Bali which was amazing. I first went for dinner with my “cousin” (not by blood, but still my cousin) Kate, and her family near Kuta. We had a beautiful dinner with her husband, their friends and their two little boys who were pretty tired from playing in the pool all day. Which is understandable as the pool was bloody amazing!! It was so nice to see someone from back home over here. And she can report back to my mum that I’m happy and all in one piece.

I also stayed with my friend called Tarryn and her boyfriend Ferre in Ubud. Tarryn painted a mural at H2O in Gili Air for a week when I was still pretty new so we spent a bit of time together. Tamlyn, the other yoga teacher at H2O is staying with her as well as she’s doing some more training in Ubud, so we had all the yoga team back together. It was truly lovely!

**I know, their names are very similar, and that makes it very confusing. I know.**

Whilst in Ubud I managed to do a lot of admin that I really needed to do. I was in DESPERATE need for a haircut, so I did that. The hairdresser was pretty upset that he had to get all the knots out first for over 20 minutes. I’ve had a fair bit cut off the end, but there’s still blonde there so I can see be a mermaid with purple hair. Nobody panic! 

I also got my lovely new tattoo. I didn’t know what I was getting until I arrived at the tattoo artists house which was exciting. It’s a whale with a mandala behind it and I’m so in love with it! I’ll put a photo below so everyone can have a good look at it. But yes, I’m so happy that it’s on my body forever. 

My friend Tarryn also did a little stick and poke tattoo on my arm. It’s the water symbol (upside-down triangle) with some wave symbols in it too. Tamlyn is getting the same so I’ll have another matching tattoo girl! 

And now, just to shatter the idea that everything is rainbows and unicorns for me, here are just a few things that make me not smile. They may seem superficial, but they are happening.

My nails are ALWAYS dirty. I don’t know how, and I don’t know why. It’s like dirt just cannot wait to get under there and burrow down to my soul. 

I am sick of ALL of my clothes. This is pretty common with travellers I guess and I’m trying to do the whole, who cares about clothes thing. But oh man! I am sick of everything I have. It’s like I need to throw the whole thing out and start again with new stuff. Which might be exactly what I do.

My phone is f**ked. Yes, it still works. But the battery is on its last legs, arms, torso and spine. It has nothing left. The power in Gili Air would fluctuate wattage which makes anything electrical super upset. So my phone in the last month and a bit has been getting worse and worse. Now I can only really type one sentence before it turns off at 100% then turns back on at 10% for 30 seconds, then turns off for good. It’s a really nice thing to be happening. So now I look like an idiot as I have to have it plugged into a battery pack ALL THE TIME! It does mean that I’m not using it as much and leaving it at home more. It’s just annoying when I actually need it and it doesn’t cooperate. 

I’m so sick of being woken up by mosques. This isn’t a thing again Muslims, at all. The mosques’ are just so loud, they usually start at 5 am, and there is no way to escape them. They’re everywhere. It’s a thing that I’m now taking into consideration when looking for a place to stay. The questions asked about a place are hot water, price, comfy bed, hand basin (one place I stayed didn’t have one. Super weird), earthquake escape route easy and how much distance can I put between myself and the closest mosque. 

Anyway, on the to good stuff again.

I’ve now come back to Nusa Lembongan and I’ve started teaching today. I had about 18 people in my class this morning and 15 yesterday which was beautiful to see, and a lot of people coming to me afterwards to let me know that they loved the class. 

Here are some photos of Tarryn’s house as well. So peaceful being there. And my new tattoo.

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