A Guide For Staying At Home – March 2020

What can you do at home? Don’t be tempted to go outside with this fine list of things you can do.

Clean out an old draw/desk/area

Have that space that you haven’t looked at in a thousand years? Go through that. Not to throw things out (unless it needs that), but more to get nostalgic. Maybe you’ll find a project that you never finished and feel inspired to take it on again.

Put on a live DJ/concert set

So we can’t actually go and see live music. Which sucks. But there are so many live recordings of shows online. Get out your phone, computer or even put it on the big screen, turn the lights down low and the music up loud and have a boogie around your house. A huge plus for this type of concert, no line for the bathroom.

I can highly recommend RUFUS DU SOL’s live from Joshua Tree performance. Absolutely stunning! Also, Mark Woodyard did a live stream from his bedroom and I had the best boogie to it. Watch it here.

Walk around your block

And I don’t mean go for a run, listen to a podcast or call a friend. Leave all electronic at home and literally just go for a walk. You don’t need anything except yourself and your smile. I’ve found that people in my area and super friendly at this time and saying hello as I pass (at a safe distance). Try and do this at least once a day – it’ll do wonders for your mental state to just go and walk with no distractions.

Call someone

Scroll through your friend list on Facebook, Instagram or phone contacts and find that person that you haven’t spoken to in too long, and just call them! I’m sure you’ll have so much to catch up on. I really recommend to video call the person as well. A voice in the phone is one thing, but actually seeing someone’s face changes it all and makes you feel far more connected.

Do Yoga

Move your body! Better yet, do it with me! You can find all the details about my online, live, video call yoga classes here. It’s all from the comfort of your own home, your space and your time.

I’ll be back next week for more suggestions of things you can do. In the meantime, as my week two of sharing creative things I’ve done, here is a poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy it.

A poem written by me about the importance of staying at home

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