A time to pause – May 2020

It’s been probably the longest I’ve ever gone between blog posts. Why? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I’m not travelling. I’m staying at home and pressing pause on life.

I’ve been trying to keep warm – an issue that I haven’t had to worry about in a very long time. I’m not working so, therefore, not saving. So it’s really just downtime. Just time to do puzzles, listen to podcasts and watch movies.

And that’s ok.

I think we all forget a little that just because we have all this time off, we need to create and do something productive. We don’t. Everything is on pause, which means that we can be as well. Not stop, just pause.

In saying that, I’m still teaching online. So if you’d like to flow with me on the mat, please sign up for a class. For the whole month of April, your first class is FREE. So sign up and have a go, even if you’ve never done yoga before. I’ve been told I’m a pretty good teacher.

Another fun thing to do for 5 minutes is to watch the commercial I was in! It’s out! Yes, it’s live and you can watch it and hear how I try to do a killer American accent. If you want to go back and read the blog post about what it was like, click here.

This first one is the whole ad. We were cast as four vloggers who all went to different parts of Indonesia and then met up together in Bali.

TV commercial for Indonesia

The second one is just my part in Labuan Bajo which is really just epic. I felt that I definitely lucked out by having the best place to explore and look cute.

TV commercial for Labuan Bajo

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