Arbonne is a company that I really believe in. And not just in their products, but in their business model and mantra behind all the work they do. Being only a new face in this brand, I’m excited to start my journey with them.

You can find my Arbonne ordering page here. You can see the wide range of products we sell to enhance your vibe from hair to skin and from inside to outside.

Product Spotlight – February

For February I’m drawing a little more on what I need, rather than what I have. And that is moisture. After swimming in the ocean day after day and soaking up all that sunlight, moisture is the number one thing on my mind.

I’m also super in love with anything coconut. Coconut water, oil, scent, candles, shells, skins, I love it all! I would happily turn in to a coconut if I could. This amazing body moisturiser definitely helps me with that dream.
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