Bali – May 2018

So after all my shit luck with Dengue Fever not-fun times, it was time for me to get the eff out of Thailand. Thailand only has 30 day visa’s so I had exhausted my efforts here. I know I’ll be back to go to the mainland as I didn’t do anything on the mainland in the last month. Island life, right?!

But the weather is a bit shit this time of year up there so I’m heading south for the winter so that I can keep this wicked tan and keep sweating my face off every day. Great!

The only problem was, my booking for my flight got cancelled, and I only found this out when I was at the airport ready to check in. SUPER annoying. I was not pleasant on the phone to this guy. I then told him to hang on a minute, kept him on the line for 5 minutes, then just hung up. Not happy.

I bought myself another flight that was leaving that evening for an extra $150 from what I originally paid, and I also had to wait an extra 10 hours in the airport. Remember when you were a kid and flying was so fun? Like, a new adventure and so exciting? I have well left that in my past. Airports suck.

Anyway, flying via Singapore for 5 hours (midnight to 5 am) and then into Bali, I did get here! Got ripped off at the airport for a taxi (apparently everyone does) and then fell into my bed and slept.

I found my dear friend Lynsey here as well so we went for sunset beers, again. There’s a pattern here.

After only one day staying down in Canggu, I decided it wasn’t quite for me. So I went with another friend to Ubud. The saying here is “it’s all good in the ‘bud.” Which I really enjoy.

There’s a place here called The Yoga Barn which is just paradise!! It’s the yoga hub for all of Ubud and is just so magical. I was walking around like a kid in a candy store in this place; mouth open and eyes wide.

I enquired about volunteering positions and got an email address, so let’s hope that the yoga adventures part of this can kick off there. I would literally give my left arm to work there though, so if anyone reading this has any connections, hit me up!

We got motorbikes and rode them around to a rice field too, and then this morning hiked a volcano for sunrise. Unfortunately, though the weather wasn’t on our side so the sunrise only peeked through every now and then but the walking was The only and my legs loved it for the most part. And plus, my butt is gonna look so fine from it. Also a win.

I think I’ll stay here for a while. I don’t know, maybe the rest of my life. I like it here. It’s calm, warm and full of good cafe’s.

Here’s a photo of a cheeky boat pose from a lookout point in Koh Phi Phi in Thailand – near where The Beach was filmed. Absolutely stunning. As well as a temple here in Bali that soon after, had little girls dancing the “Rabbit Dance” in front of it.

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