Blog on hold – June 2020

I want to write a really good, well-worded blog post about this. Because I have this platform that can, perhaps, make a difference – to help in this fight.

But, at the end of the day. I’m white. And I feel that right now, it’s really important to leave the internet for voices that have been suppressed.

If you’d like to read another blog of a strong, incredible woman to understand more, please read Mae’s blog about her experiences. It’s so important that we understand, learn and grow through this.

If you don’t have money to donate, go to Youtube and let the videos roll through that will support the Black Lives Matter movement. Spotify has something similar.

In the meantime, I won’t be writing blog posts. You can still, always reach out to me via Instagram @mermaidyogaadventures, email: or Whatsapp +61404455663. I’m still running yoga classes as well if you’d just like to get on your mat and flow.

I encourage you all, at this time, to really sit and listen. Don’t get angry. Don’t get fragile. Just witness the pain and do everything you can to make yourself a better person, even if it means breaking down everything and starting again. Read everything and learn as much as you can. I know that’s what I’m doing during this time. And if you’re looking for resources, please reach out. If I don’t know, I’ll find someone who does.

This is history. This a movement, not a moment.

Black Lives Matter fists raised. Blog.
Image from LaylaBird via Getty. We’re with you.

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