Earthquake Number 2 – Bali August 2018

So I made it back to Bali with such a little trouble, it’s like I’m meant to be here. 

I was worried about a few things getting here; we woke up late to get to the airport (not a problem), my bag was overweight (didn’t even notice), the asshole in Myanmar cancelled my visa (got my passport stamped and left), and my phone died which meant I couldn’t contact my driver at the airport (his phone had died as well so he just had a little sign). It all worked out very well!

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Kind Words – Gili Air July 2018

Like everyone, I have my doubts about what the hell I’m doing and if what I’m doing is good or not.

I have these doubts more than you would think. These can be from little things wondering if I’m pretty enough (no one cares) or if I’m funny (I think I am so that’s fine) to more serious things. Wondering if I’m even a good yoga teacher, questioning relationships with people and questioning myself and my intentions.

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Moving out

Goodmorning everyone.

I’ve moved.
Think of it like moving from a small apartment; that was nice, but the landlord increased the rent. So now I’m in a bigger house where I can have a dog, a backyard and plant some flowers.
This is my new blog where I’ll be posting from now onwards.
I’ll be sure to publish a few of my previous posts here that were popular on the last blog page.
But now that I have an official page all to my own, it’ll become a lot more in-depth from me on what I’m offering the world.