Change with the times – September 2019

Change is a constant in life. We all know that. Our skin, hair, faces, relationships and even thoughts change. For some people, a little more quickly than others.

This constant state of change gives us permission and reminders that we should live in the present moment and enjoy what we have now. Because we know that it can all change in an instant.

Before you all start to worry. No, there hasn’t been another earthquake. But it seems that things are changing for me.

What’s been happening

I have found myself staying away from posting on here and on social media over the last few weeks. Not because I haven’t been doing anything worth bragging about. Because let’s be honest, that’s why anyone posts stuff, right? But really I’ve just needed a break from sharing everything. To take moments to just enjoy things without thinking about how I should be taking a photo or video. To take more time for mental pictures instead and for breathing in these moments.

My “step-mum”, Robbie, and her pilates friend, Jane, came to visit me over the last week. I met them both in Gili Air for a few days first before we all came back to Nusa Lembongan together. It was such a beautiful reunion between Robbie and me at the harbour of Gili Air.

I’ve had a lot of friends come and visit me here over the last four months. Not to take anything away from those gorgeous souls, but there’s something about being visited by a family member that is really bloody special.

And to be able to show them around the little island I lived on last year was amazing. I went and saw all my friends that are still living there which reminded me of what a special place it is to me.

The three of us then travelled (or a very rocky boat) down to Nusa Lembongan where I could show them around my other island. Robbie and Jane came to a few of my yoga classes which, although they sweated through, they very much enjoyed.

Back at home, I was teaching “family yoga” to Robbie and Dad once a week so Robbie had seen my skills as a teacher before. But safe to say it’s a bit different doing it in a professional setting at a beautiful open-air shala in Bali, instead of in the lounge room before dinner. Not that theres anything wrong with that either!

Having Robbie and Jane here was such a delight for me, a really special family visit that allowed me space to see everything from a different perspective. I got a lot of support and love in the conversations we would have about goals and plans for the future. I think it gave me the reminder that no matter what I choose, I will be cheered on by everyone back home.

Due to a few signs from the universe, I have decided that my time on Nusa Lembongan has come to an end. Although this island is beautiful, it is not for me right now and I’m not really enjoying myself anymore. I feel like I’ve learnt all that I can whilst working at Yoga Bliss. With the departure of Nanna happening soon as well, I’ve chosen to move on. I’ve also been very disappointed by a certain French person. So basically, the universe is saying “p*ss off!”

So, what’s the plan?

I don’t really know…

I’m going to go back to Gili Air for about a month first. Mainly to regroup my thoughts and see what’s important to me again. I’ll be teaching a little bit there which will be nice. But after teaching about 10 classes a week for four months straight, it’s about time for me to have a little holiday.

I’ve also booked a flight from Bangkok to LAX at the start of November as my sister will be over there for a conference and I really want to see her. We talked many years ago about doing a trip to the United States. Although we will only be able to hang out for three days, it’ll still be so worth it.

So if anyone has any cool projects, ideas or plans that they want an extra body for, let me know. I’m kind of a free agent at the moment.

And any and all of my beautiful souls in the states, I’m coming for you!

Cocktails on the beach in Gili Air
Myself, Jane and Robbie at our lovely last dinner
A panorama of the shala at Yoga Bliss as the sun goes down

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