Compliments – September 2018

I feel like it’s time for another post, however there isn’t really that much to report.

I have settled down into my life here in Nusa Lembongan (still can’t say it) and it’s very nice. The water is a little cooler which means I can refresh myself there. I have a lovely room that’s very fancy with AC, hot water and a small kitchen. Even wifi (that only works sometimes when the wind blows the right direction).

I didn’t teach so many classes last week as the studio had to do some renovations to the shala, so I was teaching a few sunset classes down on the beach. Sounds beautiful, right?! It is, only that it is INCREDIBLY sandy!! Once you accept that that’s going to be part of it, it’s lovely.

I’ve also been receiving a lot of feedback from students attending my class. People have been sending me messages via Instagram and Facebook, talking to me as they’re leaving class and I even sat with one student for breakfast after class and we talked for about 2 hours about a lot of different things.

I’m finding more and more that I’m really quite good at this thing. I’m good at teaching. I’m inspiring people to do more yoga and to even become yoga teachers themselves.

One girl in my class the other night told me that she thought a long time ago about doing her teacher training but decided not to because she didn’t really like many teaching styles of the classes she’d been to. She’s now a flight attendant. After my classes, she had decided to do her teacher training and use me as an example of how she would want to teach her classes when she becomes a teacher.

Honestly, these compliments warm my heart and soul. I cannot describe how wonderful it is to hear these things from strangers. People that I’ve only just met an hour ago!

I’m quite new to teaching yoga. I’ve only really been teaching my own classes for about 18 months and I still think I have so much to learn. I also sometimes have a lot of self-doubt about who I am and what I’m doing. Are people actually enjoying the class? Is my accent annoying to them? Do they think I’m some young silly girl in the front that doesn’t know what she’s doing?

So to hear people give me these compliments, it absolutely rocks my world.

All my friends have left the island now, so I’m just waiting to find my new tribe here. It might take a little longer than normal as there’s not much of a bar scene here at all. But that’s ok, I can catch up on some projects and maybe, finally, start doing my tax.

I went diving with manta rays the other day too. That was a bloody nice experience!

For those worried, I’m not anywhere near the cyclone in the Phillipines, however, my brother and sister have said that three strikes and I’m out – I only get three natural disasters and I have to go home or move away from a fault line. I think this seems pretty fair.

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