Earth Frequency + Queensland – May, 2021

I feel like it’s about time to send out an update on my movements. Because for the first time in a long time, there is movement. And words to share about my time at Earth Frequency festival!

As winter began to etch its way into Melbourne, I felt restless and cold. If you don’t know me, you’ll soon find out that I just don’t do well in the cold. My skin dries out, the light from my eyes fades and I struggle to stay warm due to having poor circulation in my hands and feet.

Basically, I do not like it.

Buying A Van

So after I returned from my little trip up to Glowfest in NSW, I decided to buy a van, pack up everything I own and head north.

Me and my van. And Bean.
My new little home on wheels.*
*Bean not included

My dear old Dad helped me out a lot with this aquision of a van. I had been looking on Facebook groups and a few websites. When I went over to his house one night to tell him the news, we looked on a website and found the perfect one, well within my budget. A week later, with a mechanical check, I purchased it. I had a van within about 2 weeks of deciding to get one.

She needed a little bit of work (thanks Dad!), but Dragonfly is great and has been treating me very well.

The Epic Roadtrip

Leaving in a van though – this presented its own strange experience. Usually, when I leave, I have 20 kgs and a time and date when I need to be organised. When leaving this time, it could be whenever I wanted, with no weight limit but instead, whatever I could fit in my van. I had lots of room and lots of time.

There was also a bit of fear. I will happily pack up and go to another country with no idea about the food, culture, currency or language and feel totally fine doing that. So ready to learn everything. But driving myself across two states in my own country seemed to be quite intimidating. I don’t know why though. It just felt a lot different.

finally, the ocean
Finally seeing the ocean again and it being warm enough to swim! (Just)

I drove for four days from Melbourne to Brisbane (about 2100 km) through central Victoria, Central New South Whales and up the coast to Brisbane. It was a wonderful experience to camp in Dragonfly. Nothing went wrong at all and I slept so well in gorgeous campsites next to rivers or in national parks.

Earth Frequency Festival

From Brisbane, I went to Earth Frequency Festival with John who was playing there. We had such a fantastic time dancing our little feet off for four days.

Also, I did something that I’m incredibly proud of. Sophie, who ran Glowfest, invited me to be part of her Cabaret show at the festival after I applied. My performance was a contemporary dance to a song which has a bit of an Alan Watts speech in it. I spent time choreographing it all and thought a lot about what I wanted it to look like. You can watch it here.

Performance at Earth Frequency
My performance at Earth Frequency

I was absolutely delighted by not only the comments I received back from those who were present but also with myself for being able to step back out and do something like that again.

2014 was the last time I performed like that. So true to say that a lot has happened between then and now. Watching the video back it feels so special to have put myself out there and done something so big for little me. Wow, yay!

After Earth Frequency, John and I spent a few days in Brisbane together relaxing after so much dancing and socialising. It was really nice to get a good nights sleep.

John and I at Earth Frequency Festival 2021
John and I enjoying ourselves at Earth Frequency Festival

Brisbane and Gold Coast

I hung around Brisbane for a little while longer after John left at my friend, Scott’s place. We ate good food and drank wine and talked to his cat. Then I drove myself down to Gold Coast.

I crashed with my friends Kate, Hari and Rory for a few days before staying at my friend Soof’s place. Both houses are big and amazing and harbour such wonderful spaces for people to get together and hang out.

Although, I’ve found myself not wanting to do that so much. Without a home or a steady job, I’ve been feeling quite unsettled and unsure of what to do. So I’ve been looking madly for somewhere to live. There are a few leads about I should be able to move in somewhere very soon.

And no doubt, by that time I’ll be wishing for these lazy days of looking for somewhere to live and hanging around all of my friends.

I’ll still be teaching on Omflow if you need a little yoga fix. Classes will be updated on 14th June, so be sure to keep your eye out on the website. Find out more about what I do on Omflow here.

And I’ll need to! As I’ve decided to study, for the first time since high school. It’s a rude shock to the system, but it’s a course in which I’m very excited to get started and learn all these new skills. It’s only 12 weeks as well which I feel is very manageable, and I’ll also be doing some cafe work and teaching work on the side as well – I’ll be a very busy bee before I know it.

Stay tuned, because who know where I’ll end up!

My camping in my van
Happy little camper in Dragonfly

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