Earthquake Number 2 – Bali August 2018

So I made it back to Bali with such a little trouble, it’s like I’m meant to be here. 

I was worried about a few things getting here; we woke up late to get to the airport (not a problem), my bag was overweight (didn’t even notice), the asshole in Myanmar cancelled my visa (got my passport stamped and left), and my phone died which meant I couldn’t contact my driver at the airport (his phone had died as well so he just had a little sign). It all worked out very well!

Now that I’m here, it feels like home again.

Gili Air is still going through huge repairs, so I can’t go back there. So instead I am in Amed on the northeast side of Bali. It’s very nice here. It’s got that same community vibe that Gili Air had, only that instead of everyone being on bicycles, everyone’s on a scooter. It’s still a no shoe policy though. 

I’ve got a lovely house with some friends that has one window looking out towards the ocean, and a balcony that looks out over the volcano that has just enough space for some yoga. It’s very beautiful. 

One thing that isn’t so fun is that we can feel all of the earthquakes here quite well. On Sunday night at about 11 pm, there was a 6.9 earthquake that sent us running out of the house, and me shaking like a leaf.

In Australia, we don’t really get earthquakes. We’re smack-bang in the middle of a tectonic plate there which means little to no natural disasters can get us. Instead, we have all of the deadly animals. It ain’t so bad.

So I’ve never really felt an earthquake like that. And I can safely say that I’d be happy to never experience that again. The main feeling was just utter helplessness. There’s nowhere to run to and nothing to protect yourself shoe. You are at complete mercy to the earth and you just hope she stops moving soon. 

We slept outside under the stars that night. We woke up every now and then to little shakes, then to a big shake at about 5.30am.

Since then, there have been little ones here and there. Some we just listen and wait until they’re over. Others send us running out of the house again in fear. None of them have been as bad as the first one, but they still make my stomach sink and my eyes go wide. 

Aside from that, I do love it here. My friends are all divers (and most of have northeast) so they take me out diving to the beautiful sights here. And at night they either speak in french, or talk about diving. So I sit with my beer in my hand just happy to be around people I love again. 

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