Gili Air, again – September 2019

My life in Gili Air has settled back on me like a cat finding its favourite place in the morning sun. It almost feels as though I never even left.

Obviously, there are some changes. The people are different. Some friends here are still the same. However, I have found myself making new, beautiful friends as well. Again, most of them are divers but there are a lot less French around me this time which means I understand a lot more of what’s going on. The French generally just speak French.

I am teaching six classes a week at a studio here called Flowers and Fire which is absolutely perfect. I feel like I am at home there. It is a gorgeous openair shala on top of a bamboo structure. All the staff there are so welcoming and delightful and the cafe serves some of the best food on the island. I’m in love.

There are a few parties here at some of the beach bars so I get the opportunity to spin fire twice a week. There are a few local boys that spin poi and a gorgeous girl called Megan who spins poi as well. (I’m teaching her dragon staff currently too) But I’m the only one that does the “big skinny stick thing” so everyone is quite impressed.

Fire spinning also means meeting a lot more people than I would usually. At least two people come over to talk to me every time I spin to ask about it; where did I learn, how long have I been doing it, do I live here, etc.

The funny part is that sometimes people will come up to me after fire spinning and look at me very strangely and ask, “…didn’t you teach me yoga this morning?” Or it happens the other way around. After a morning yoga class, someone will ask if I was that girl with the fire last night. Whichever way it goes, they are all very impressed that “I can do everything.”

And I’ve had yet another friend come to visit me. Stephan, or more affectionately known as Glitter Fingers, and I met in Thailand at Jai Thep Festival. I call him Glitter Fingers because he does “gloving”. It’s when you have little LED lights on the end of your fingers and perform light shows for people. We spent an afternoon together at the festival, walking around before he left and it was just such a sweet connection we made. He lives in Vietnam teaching English to kids and he needed a visa run. So down he came to Gili Air for a visit.

It was really special to have Stephan here. Having only known each other for a couple of hours, there’s always a little hesitation to invite someone into your home for a week. But, as always, it was completely fine. We rode around the island together visiting the beach or the pool, ate great food, saw lovely sunsets and then the last day, took a little snorkel trip around the Gilis and swum with some turtles.

So I know the days will roll into each other here. A day will turn to a week, which will turn into a month and just like that, it’ll be time to move on.

But just so you all know, I’m really, really happy here in Gili Air. And also really excited for what’s next on this little yogis adventures.

Stephan/Glitter Fingers and myself
Relaxing by the beach in Gili Air
My little bungalow in paradise with breakfast

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