Inspiring fellow travellers – July 2018

So I’m now realising how much I can actually do for people.

There have been a few younger girls coming through the studio here in the last week, and they all want to sit and talk with me about my yoga journey and my story.

I tell them I can only offer advice on what I’ve experienced, but they seem to really relish in our conversations. One even mentioned that she thought I was very inspirational.

It’s such a nice feeling that not only can I teach people yoga, but I can be inspiring to people coming into yoga both as a student and as a teacher.

My life has become very social now; I’ve gotten to know a lot of the ex-pats living on the island. There’s a clear line between divers and non-divers. Since I do dive, yet don’t work at a dive centre, I fall very nicely in the middle and can get to know everyone.

I find myself some nights having three or four things to go to. Which is hard since I now teach a 7 am class 5 days a week (and my mum can vouch for this, I am NOT a morning person).

Only a little over three weeks before I fly off to Myanmar and start another teaching job there!! I know it will go past so quickly so I just have to make the most of the time I have left. I can safely say I’ll be back here though.

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