Lockdown List – September 2020

It’s just been announced now that Melbourne will officially be in lockdown for longer than, well, yeah. We’ll be in lockdown for longer than China and Italy.

I don’t really want to dwell on that too much though. Yeah, it’s really shit. But, like, what can we do?

Instead, here’s a fun (maybe) post about random things that I do during the day.

  1. My new favourite snack is to cut up an apple, and whilst doing so, smother each bit in peanut butter.
  2. Now that it’s getting warmer, I’ve been playing with my dragon staff and hoop in the backyard again. It’s reminded me, not only, how little new tricks I’ve picked up in the last four months, but also how terribly unfit I am.
  3. Last week I pinched the nerve in my lower back which caused all sorts of issues. “How did it happen,” you ask? Well, I did a huge, intense yoga practice in the morning. Felt fine. Then, hours later, whilst doing my jigsaw puzzle, I went to pick up a piece and BAM! Couldn’t move.
  4. My back feels a lot better after some physio appointments and rest.
  5. The puzzle is still not finished.
  6. Today whilst doing some yoga, I literally watched a fly on the floor for several minutes as it walked towards the door. I thought about opening the door and letting it out, but then I was scared it would get eaten by a bird.
  7. Just as I had that thought, I looked outside and saw another fly and thought about how I should open the door and reunite them. Perhaps they would become friends or lovers. Then a bird came and ate it.
  8. I let it out a window instead.
  9. There is a nice spot in the hallway upstairs that I sit in the sun and read in the afternoons. It’s really uncomfortable, but it’s warm. I feel like a cat there. Sometimes I lay in weird positions and fall asleep too.
  10. I’m helping a wonderful woman edit an ebook and I’m learning a lot through that.
  11. If you want to have a chat or do some yoga online (or both), I’m definitely still doing that with Omflow.
  12. How weird is this world though?
  13. I journal every night about the day that was. Sometimes all I write is “another day in fucking lockdown.” Because that seems to antiquity describe it. I HIGHLY encourage everyone to do the same. This is something we’re going to want to look back on and realise how truly hard it was.
  14. Because this is really hard.
  15. I honestly cannot remember when I washed my hair last. Or brush it either. Actually, I think I brushed it two days ago. It’s been in the same bun since then.
  16. I still manage to brush my teeth twice a day. This, I am proud of.
  17. My dear friend, Hannah, in Sydney, sent me way too many vegan doughnuts the other day as UberEats had a promotion. Send your lockdown friends food. We love it.
  18. I still reach out and talk to friends around the world. There is a lot of internal work going on right now in learning and unlearning behaviours, seeing truths for what they are and growing in so many ways. I had planned to do a lot of yoga trainings and professional growth this year, but, well, other plans were in place. This is work that I don’t get a certificate to hang on the wall, but instead, know that I’m a better person because of it. With greater knowledge of how to love myself, set boundaries and communicate intentions. Hard work. But good work.

That’s my list. I hope you like it and it brought you a little lift. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, this world is so much. With lockdown, misinformation, important movements and politics, remember to take care of yourself between it all. And wear a mask.

Get an apple and some peanut butter. You’ll thank me later.

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