Luxury to Lembongan – August 2019

I have found new challenges in coming back home. It seems that after you live a life of luxury and fame, coming back to a little island where no one knows you is incredibly humbling.

Since I got back to my island a little over a week ago, nothing much has changed. I have gone back to teaching yoga, and teaching a lot of classes actually.

This has been really great for me as it’s stretching me as a teacher too. I find that I don’t want to teach the same thing again and again so I’ve become far more creative with my flow and structure of classes. Even though the entire class might be filled with new students.

But I won’t lie, it was a bit of a shock coming home. And to be honest, the transition wasn’t super comfortable.

Think about it like this; for two weeks straight I had A LOT of attention on me, all the time. It was really only in the hotel room at night when I was alone when I wouldn’t have eyes on me. For 16 – 20 hours a day, I would have people fussing over me; was I thirsty? Was I hungry? Did I need to sit down? What costume did I need? Were my shoes giving me blisters? I even had someone standing on set with an umbrella to give me shade! All that was missing was a bunch of grapes as I lounged by the pool with a cocktail.

Then, I come back to my little house in my homestay. I, again, walk through coconut fields for 5 minutes to get to my job that I go to wearing whatever I want, barefoot and, the best part, no make up.

Safe to say, very different from the life I’d been living.

It makes me understand a little more how people get addicted to fame. Whilst I was away shooting I found that people would look at me differently. I was the one white girl amongst a team of 25 Indonesians, mostly men too. They were all probably thinking “what the hell is she doing with them? Is she lost?” But no, this was my new tribe, it turns out.

But the attention I was getting was a lot. People would look at me with wonder, with interest, and dare I say it, a little bit of awe. It was a nice gaze to receive, and one that I can see other people desiring and valuing themselves by it.

Thankfully, I have yoga. I have an internal gaze that allows me to feel fulfilled by myself rather than depending on anyone else for it.

Aside from all this adjustment back to ‘normal’, everything here on my little island is the same. I still eat at the same four delicious places. As I mentioned, I’m teaching a lot and the classes are very enjoyable for myself and the students.

Turns out, paradise is still paradise, even when you leave for a little while.

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