Melbourne – May 2019

The reality of being a traveller has set in once again as my journey continues from home to another country. I have found myself starting to count down days and look at everything through rose coloured glasses.

This always bloody happens!

It’s always the last week or two before I leave a place. I book a flight and then, BAM, all these beautiful people pop up in my life with all these crazy adventures they want to take me on. And it’s really exciting, but also makes my heart sink a little as I know I’ll have to say goodbyes to all these new souls very soon.

I’ve also had a really pleasant time meeting new people and the way in which it has occurred. I found my old friendship group hard to connect to when I saw them. I explained it to a friend that it feels like I’ve become quite magical and they simply don’t believe in magic anymore. It’s a shame, but it’s part of the process; being able to acknowledge that some people in my life are visitors rather than permanent residents, as I am to their lives as well.

New friends have come about from meeting them randomly at Confest, dancing at a party led to someone telling me that they want to set me up with a friend of theirs just based on the way I danced, a friendly soul with a dog wanting to buy me a beer as I wrote in my journal one afternoon and randomly running in to people on the street and meeting their friends. It has become a really special way to meet people as it feels as though I’m still travelling somehow because I never know who is around the corner and what they will mean to me.

It’s been really beautiful having two friends I met in Thailand here as well. Olive and McKenna (or Mooncake) are my two little doodlebop friends I met in Pai. I think that’s another reason why it still feels like I’m travelling as I’ve had them to run around with.

I’ve also been around a new group of fire spinners that are truly special. I met them all at Confest and their warm embrace is so welcoming to me. A lot of them are travellers so most won’t actually be here during the winter which I find some sort of comfort in.

And that is another reason I’m semi-OK with leaving; it’s getting bloody cold here now. I know, all of you people in other parts of the world will either be saying “Australia, cold? Never!” and some of you might think that I’m being a wuss and that Australia doesn’t actually get that cold – These people are usually Canadian, from the U.S. or northern Europe. However, in my defence, why would I put up with cold weather when I have the option and the privilege to be able to go and chase the sun around the world? Yeah, I’m gonna do that.

So, what’s the plan?

I fly to Bali on 12th May. Anyone here at this stage, let me know as I’d love to see you! I then start teaching in Nusa Lembongan about a week later. For those of you playing at home, you’ll remember that this was a place that I lived before, and it was hilarious because I could not pronounce the damn name. Well, I’ve had a bit of practice now so I’ll be able to tell people where I am.

This island is very small and very quiet. There’s no nightlife at all and mostly just dive shops and small restaurants (called warongs) around. So I’ll be spending a lot of time writing, teaching yoga and practising my fire spinning.

Anyone who would like to come and visit, and maybe run away from winter for a week, please feel free to join me. I will be here until at least the end of June and you’ll be very welcome here.

To my new beautiful family in Melbourne, thank you so much for appearing. You have made my home feel even warmer and less scary to come back to and I am so grateful for that. And a special shout out goes to my mum for looking after me, letting me live rent free and cooking dinners for myself and my friends when we were around. She’s now boasting best and cheapest hostel in Melbourne. And also to Dad and Robbie for the lovely dinners and conversations, we shared; I’m very thankful to have such loving relationships with all my parents and to have their support on my adventures.

Until next time Melbourne.

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