Mindful Moments in Gili Air – July 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about moments.

I have a lot of them over here.

Those times when everything just seems too perfect. I feel too happy for it to last and I have to register that this will be a time that I remember so fondly. So I take a breath and do my best to remember everything about it.

These moments switch between sitting on a boat, sun on my skin, wind in my hair after just coming up from a dive, seeing a million turtles, to sitting in a friends hammock, listening to him DJ one of my favourite songs whilst looking out over coconut trees swaying in the breeze. Or watching the sunset either alone with a beer, or with friends and cocktails. Maybe it’s watching the moon rise over a volcano.

Probably my most favourite thing to do on the island is to ride my bike in the middle of the night – say around 2 am – and listen to music very softly so I can still hear the silence of the island. It’s dark, but it’s warm. And the moonlight shows me where the pot-holes in the concrete are.

I open a lot of my yoga classes with the acknowledgement and detachment from past memories and future imaginations and I’m learning more and more to be present with whatever is given to me.

I have two weeks left here. I am just trying to soak up every little thing that I can so when I have to leave it will ooze out of me and I can remember all these beautiful little moments.

I saw th picture below today on Instagram and it could not be more accurate.

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