My island home – Nusa Lembongan, July 2019

This may be the longest I’ve gone between blog posts since I started Mermaid Yoga Adventures, and for that, I apologise. I think that I have found that since I am living in Nusa Lembongan now, my little island, that I have no adventures to share with you all.

I know that this is simply not the case. Each day I am here holds it’s own adventure. Just because I’m not going out and seeing new things, it does not mean that it’s not an adventure.

Every day I get to walk to work along a dirt road, through banana and coconut trees, past locals who wave and say hello to me, to a beautiful, open yoga shala where I teach people from all over the world. My classes have become far more focused on me sharing inspired words that seem to come through me at the time. I find myself giving these incredibly powerful speeches during the opening and closing of class, that really come out of nowhere.

Sometimes, my mind trails off and I have no idea where it’s going. But somehow, it finds its way back.

The only problem is, that because it seems to come from somewhere else, I usually don’t really remember what I say – so when students come and tell me how inspired they are, I find myself wanting to ask “what did I say, exactly?” But of course, I can’t do that. That would look unprofessional.

So there’s something else out there that seems to be talking through me and just using my mouth to inspired other people. It’s a nice feeling.

I did have a nice little adventure for the last few days. I had to renew my visa for Indonesia so took a quick flight to Malaysia and back. My friend Brady, who I met in Pai, Thailand, happened to be in Kuala Lumpur when I was passing through, so he opened his door to me and let me sleep for a few hours, before we went to little India and enjoyed some chai (real chai, like I had in India. It made me cry a little bit, I was so happy) and then I went back to the airport. It was really beautiful to be able to look forward to a visa run, rather than just waiting in the airport for a couple of hours doing nothing but passing time.

I spent a few days in Bali too, just to remember what it’s like to be on the mainland, before coming back to my tiny little island where I belong. It felt like a little island girl in the big city. I like my island a lot more after I come back to it after a few days.

So now I’m back teaching again. Nanna, my dear yoga teacher friend, has abandoned me and gone off to Thailand with her partner. So I’ll miss her. But it’s made very bearable due to another lovely Danish girl, Merede, who has come to teach with me. We are very complimentary teachers to each other. She also comes from a dance background so it’s nice to be able to connect that way.

I’ve started post a bit more content about travelling, yoga and inspiration on my Instagram. You can follow it at @mermaidyogaadventures too if you’d like.

There’s also a very exciting project coming up which I’ve been invited to come onboard with. So stay tuned to hear more about that. #teaser

Just another sunset from my island.

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