New York & California – January 2020

I’m done. Finished. I’m outa here! Goodbye, good luck and Godspeed to everyone in the states. I’m finally leaving. It’s been a wild adventure here. I’ve seen a lot of this country from California to New York and so many of the beautiful people that live here. But I know that this is a country that I don’t want to be in anymore.

I want to go where people don’t speak English, where every day is a little bit of a battle for some reason. A place where I’m challenged day to day by myself and by the environment around me. Most importantly, I want to be warm again. That place will be Nicaragua.

New York

New York was a lot more fun once Lulu came back from her family holiday in Italy. Finally, I had a friend to run around with. Lulu and I met in Gili Air in June of 2018 and she so kindly opened her home to me whilst she was away. The one condition was that I had to be there when she got back. And I had to water her plants. (Which I did).

Lulu and Myself before adventures
Lulu and myself.

We had such a delightful time. Not doing anything especially exciting, but instead connecting, drinking tea and watching movies. She is one of those people that makes you feel calm and valid from just being in her presence. Lulu allowed me the space to talk about everything that’s happened over the last year and what might be next. I was thrilled to be in her company again.

I went on an adventure one day and walked all around New York, ticking things off the list. Items on the list were the Wall Street bull, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, the Twin Towers memorial site, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square and even went to Magnolia bakery where I enjoyed a cupcake over 7 years ago.

Times Square in New York
Times Square at night

It was interesting being back in some of these places 7 years later. At the time, I thought that I may never actually be back in these places again. But, alas, here I am. This allowed me a really gorgeous time of reflection. Standing in Times Square, thinking of all the time that has passed and where I’m at now, versus where I was back then. It’s amazing.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York
The time I walked halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then came back
Statue of Liberty in New York
Statue of Liberty saluting the sun.


Just to throw a spanner in the works, I went back over to California for a couple of days. There is an amazing fire spinning night in Los Angeles that I missed out on last time. My friend, Ryan, also works for an airline and could organise to get me down to Central America. For free. So, why not?!

The L.A. Burn Club was a beautiful night of spinning. I actually saw a girl there that I met in Pai, also called Vanessa. And happened to meet another Australian as well. It was beautiful. Intimidating (as everyone there was wildly talented) but beautiful all the same. I felt like I could hold my own there a little as a stranger told me they thought I was amazing. A few of us went for beers afterwards too.

It was also a beautiful coincidence that a dear sister was in LA too. Cheyanne came to dinner with us all before we went to burn club and it was so special to be able to connect with her physical presence again. She really is a person of light.

Cheyanne and I connecting at Burn Club in Los Angeles
Cheyanne and I sharing some love at Burn Club

Ryan and I then headed back to Santa Cruz where he lives and he helped me out with a few last-minute admin jobs I had to do before I left the U.S. This including donating a bunch of my winter clothes as I won’t be needing them anymore. And also eating all the delicious vegan food I could fit in my belly (Saturn Cafe, check it out.) Missions accomplished.


Leaving the states turned out to be a little more difficult than I first thought. Ryan organised a flight for me to Costa Rica through Houston, however, this was all standby as that’s how free flights from your friends work. The initial flight to Houston turned out to be full so I couldn’t get on it. This invited a bit of stress and panic to my life which was not fun. To make matters a little extra stressful, my bags went even though I didn’t. And this was the one time I actually put my dragon staff in checked luggage.

Departure, again

After a lot of back and forth, Ryan and I decided that I should get my bags back first, then figure out what to do. He was so sweet and supportive in his care with me at the time of me being really bloody stressed. I cannot thank him enough for all he did for me in those few days.

It turned out to be fine. My bags arrived back after a cheeky trip across the states. Maybe they wanted a little bit of a break from me. (We have been spending a lot of time together). After I got them back, Ryan and I got beers and wine at a bar to drown away the stress of the day. We then made another plan for me to fly down south the following day.

It’s meant that the whole ordeal has been more expensive than I wanted it to be. But that’s part of the adventure as well. It’s also just money. It will come back.

So, that’s it, guys! I’m on to the next adventure. The United States now has the biggest tick next to it. And I’m SO excited to be warm again and back by the ocean.

On to the next adventure. Let’s see what this one has in store.

my with all my bags on the next adventure
Everything I own. This is how I travel. I have since gotten rid of the black bag as I don’t need cold weather clothes anymore.

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