Nicaragua – February 2020

I’m still in Nicaragua and I’m still in the paradise called Surfing Turtle Lodge. My days are still much the same as what I described in my last post with only a few minor changes.

Sunsets at Surfing Turtle

Surfing Turtle Lodge

I still wake up each morning to do yoga by the ocean, eat delicious fruit and then teach any travellers in the hostel that want to learn. And I still enjoy the ocean and sunshine each day.

The turtles have finished though because the season is over. Manuel, the turtle man, has left our little place here to go back to his family. I can safely say though that I’ve helped so many little turtles on their way out into the world. I’m extremely thankful for that.

Teaching at Surfing Turles Lodge

Carpe Diem

I have found an extra little home a 10-minute walk down the beach. It’s an eco-community by the name of Carpe Diem. Everyone that stays there is required to help out 4 hours a day to learn natural building techniques. They often have ceremonies, workshops and once a week, pizza night!

It’s a wonderful group of people that have welcomed me in with open hearts and arms. And it’s so wonderful to have a little bit of a change from Surfing Turtle. Not that there’s anything wrong here, but as there’s a little bit of civil unrest in Nicaragua at the moment, it means that tourism has taken a hit. Not many people are travelling to the country at this time, even though I haven’t felt unsafe at all here.

So with not many people around, it means it can get a little boring. We play cards and riddles and do those types of things. But sometimes it’s nice to have a group of people around rather than just 4 or 5.


At Carpe Diem, they do yoga every morning. Their yoga teacher had to go away for a couple of days though, so they very kindly invited me to lead them. So for a few days, I was teaching twice a day; the most I’ve taught in about 6 months. And I absolutely loved it.

Yoga space at Carpe Diem

What’s next then?

So many exciting things. I switch between looking so forward to the next month that I want the days to go quicker, and wanting to stay in this moment forever.

I have about a week left here in Nicaragua, and then I make the journey down to Costa Rica for Envision Festival. This is a music festival with a lot of workshops, yoga, fire spinning; basically everything I love.

I don’t really know many people going to this festival (maybe about 5) so I’ll be doing it solo. It’s going to be a really interesting experience for me. But I’m also so excited to learn so many new things and leave with even more new friends.

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