Nusa Lembongan – September 2018

I’ll be honest, this is going to be a bit of a hard post to write, because things haven’t been all sunsets and yoga here. (Although I have been watching sunsets and doing yoga).

I’ve found it really hard to be here actually. 

I’m still in Nusa Lembongan, but I leave tomorrow for Bali and then I fly to Cambodia.

Don’t get me wrong, teaching here has been such a treat. The studio, called Yoga Bliss, is absolutely stunning. Away from the main street and nestled amongst greenery and coconut trees, it was such an honour to be able to teach in the space. It really did become my happy place here. 

Whilst teaching here I also have realised that I can actually teach yin classes. My main style back home was Vinyasa and some gentle flow. But now! Look out world. I went to a lot of classes and taught a few of them too and I’m now confident to be able to go anywhere and say that I can teach it. There’s always more to learn, but I’ve got it now. 

It’s been really hard to meet people here though. Most of the people I did meet were students I had which were absolutely lovely but also left after a few days or maybe a week. I met a beautiful couple, Sedrick and Sara when I first got here as well who I often watched the sunset with and who had me over for dinner last week. So that was such a delightful evening. And I became good friends with one student Britt, who was also from Melbourne. So we went to a bar and watch the AFL grand final together.

There are little pieces of home to find everywhere, but unfortunately, this hasn’t been home enough for me.

There’s no nightlife at all, and the one place that does do something is full of 20-something-year-old backpackers all in their little outfits, dancing to top 40 music. Sure, I did that. I did that a lot when I went to central and South America when I was 21. I was the life of that party. But I’m not there anymore and I don’t really want that. 

So it hasn’t been that easy to meet people. And it’s been very hard here. I got some news from home that destroyed me a bit. Someone that I was seeing before I left home is now with someone I considered a very close friend of mine. I won’t go into it here as there are a lot of levels to it and I’ve talked to some people about it already and I’m trying to process it. But it basically left me crying for a week, non-stop. The only time I would pull myself together was when I went to go and teach. So when I say that the studio became my happy place, I’m not exaggerating; it was literally the only thing that would hold me together. 

But I also realised that it takes quite a lot of strength to be able to do that. To go and almost perform in front of people when all I wanted to do was crumble on the floor. I held it together, and people liked the classes too. I could put on that brave face and be professional in one of the worst times I’ve had in a long time. 

So, yay for me, I guess.

It has also shown me how to deal with bad news when I’m out here alone, that will no doubt happen when I don’t have a support network around me. Travel is amazing, but you don’t have that same connection with people that you do back home. The connections are very different. Intense, but different. It’s very isolating because I don’t get that face to face comfort from those people at home. I have managed though. (Or I’ve just ignored the problem and I’m just gonna run off in to the sunset, not sure yet.) 

I’ve made a plan from here though. There was talk or maybe coming home in November for a few weeks but I wont be doing that anymore. As mentioned, I’m going to Cambodia. This is for a birthday in Angkor Wat. His name is Sal (Salomon). He’s French. We met in Gili Air a few months ago and it seems that we keep wanting to spend time together. He was one of the reasons I came back to Bali after Myanmar, instead of somewhere else. We were together in Amed and he came here to Nusa Lembongan with me but left a few weeks ago to meet up with his friends in Phillipines. So we’re meeting up in Cambodia for his 30th birthday, probably spending some time in Cambodia together, then he’ll be going down to Phi Phi island in Thailand, and I’ll head to northern Thailand for a while and see what happens. It’s as casual as spending 24/7 together can be whilst both being overseas, and then not seeing each other at all for weeks. He’s lovely yet cray and wild at the same time.

That’s the plan for now but who knows what will change. I’m excited to be on the road again and see somewhere new and not be in a rush. I would have come back here to finish off the high season until November, but it’s the perfect time to visit northern Thailand, so why not, right?! 

So thank you to the lovely people of Lembongan; Hollie, Gwen, Lyssa, Sara, Sedrick and Britt. Until next time!

I’m sure I’ll be back here again, maybe with Sal next time though so I’ve got someone to entertain me. 

My girl, Britt watching the AFL grand final

The beautiful Yoga Bliss studio

My girl Caro and Sal with his chicken.

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