Pai, Thailand – October 2018

I have changed into a new person thanks to the people I have been surrounded by for the last two weeks and what they have shown me about myself.

I have tried and succeeded at so many new things that I wouldn’t have been able to do had it not been for their support and love.

I’ve been in a little town in the hills of northern Thailand called Pai. Before I even went there, I had heard everyone talk about it so much and how wonderful it was. So I set aside a lot of time to be there.

And I am so glad I did.

I firmly believe that people make places. You can be in a really amazingly beautiful place but if you’re by yourself, it’s just not quite the same. Happiness and knowledge is the only thing that gets bigger when it’s shared.

Pai is the most beautiful place, with the most beautiful people in it.

My days here would be as follows;

I would wake up in the dorm room which looked a lot like a 1940’s war hospital. Single beds lined all the way down each wall in a wide and long concrete room. It was kinda creepy, but I loved it. I would then go and teach yoga to whoever would want to come along. Which people really did want to come along. I had some people coming to me after class telling me that someone else had told them about me and my classes and to go. Wow. I’m a little famous for my job! One guy, Danny (bless), even told me after class that I changed his whole trip for him and I was a highlight. I literally have the best job in the world.

We would all then go to one of the many cafes around and eat absolutely delicious food. It was considered “expensive” if a big plate and a smoothie cost more than $7.

By this time, after we’d all chatted and laughed and talked about love and feelings, we would go about our days which mainly meant going back to the hostel, playing with circus toys or sitting in a happy hut (parents, don’t read ahead) and smoke joints all afternoon.

Four nights a week there was a beautiful group of pyromaniac hippies called Medicine Circus that would put on a fire show. I am now one of those pyromaniac hippies. There are little fireball things you can put on your hands and dance around with and I absolutely loved it! Having been a dancer for 20 plus years, it was so liberating to actually dance again and perform, but in such a different way from what it was back home. No makeup, no costumes, no lighting and no reviews at the end. Just love and acceptance that that is how I move!

After the fire show, we would sit in a happy hut again and talk late into the night (and continue smoking weed). It was rare for me to go to bed before about 2 am. I didn’t want to miss a single word that came out of these mouths. If it didn’t leave me in stitches from laughter, it would leave me speechless from my mind fireball.

I like to think of these people as a drawer full of buttons. We all came from somewhere, where we were meant to belong. But somewhere along the line we got disconnected or lost, and now we’re all in the drawer together. We’re so unique and different but we belong to each other.

You are all so uniquely special to me in ways I don’t have the words to describe. I found a tribe. And I fit into that tribe like I was there the whole time.

Pai is the first place I’ve actually cried on the bus when leaving. Usually it’s just saying goodbye to people and then I’m onto the next adventure, but this was different. Pai has a part of my soul and I am leaving a better person than when I arrived. Or maybe not a better person, just more in love with myself and able to see my magic.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti my buttons.

I now head to Phi Phi Island again to see Sal, Remi and Caro. And to be near the ocean again. 

Left to right: Myself, McKenna, Julia, Summer, Chyanne, Alex, Jasper, Jose, Tyer and Oli.

 This is the level of a cuddle puddle in a happy hut around 2 am. Left to right: Julia, Danny, Myself, Jasper and Justin.

Feat. Julia, Danny, Myself, Jasper and Justin. (Left to right)

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