Road Trip from Brisbane to Melbourne – April 2019

So it’s probably about time for yet another life update.

Things have been going along pretty fine in Melbourne town. I’m teaching yoga at my old studio three times a week, as well as teaching my dad and his partner yoga once a week which I really look forward to. They make me dinner afterwards and we sit and talk and drink lovely wine. It’s always a nice night.

I’m catching up with lots of friends; more new friends than old friends though. I’ve found that a lot of my old friends are not reaching out as much. Which is fine; we all have lives that we need to do and not everyone has time. But there’s also the fact that we’re all very different people now. Whilst I’ve been off growing in one direction, they have all been growing in different directions. Neither is better than the other, but the difference has become very noticeable to me. 

My old friends here are focusing on their full time jobs, buying houses or cars and going away for a couple of weeks a year, whereas my focus is on which circus toy I want to learn next, which beach I think I’ll love living next to the most and how much I can fit in my backpack. Just very different. 

I have just returned from a truly wonderful experience though. One that I know will stay in my heart for a long time.

I met a guy at Shambala festival in Thailand in mid-February called Sam who ran a meditation workshop. The following day we found each other and talked for about an hour before I went back home to Pai as I was so sick. 

Sam then told me he was moving to Melbourne to do a course. His friend offered her car to him, only that it was in Brisbane and the course was in Melbourne and he had to drive it down. So I offered if he wanted some company on his trip and I could fly up and drive down with him.

Keep in mind, before we spent five days together, 24/7, we had spoken for one hour at a festival in Thailand. So safe to say there was a lot of trust in thinking that we’d get along.

And yes, we did.

It was such a beautiful experience and it seems we were just totally on the same page the entire time. We talked about a lot of things, we listened to a lot of music and camped along the way at beautiful spots in nature. The stars out there were truly stunning as well. 

There is just something so simple and beautiful about living in a tent with your life in a small car we decided to call Seabreeze. She was spray painted blue and has seashells blue tacked to her dashboard. What a gem. 

Special shout outs go to Robbie, for very generously paying for my flight up to Brisbane. Thank you SO MUCH! Josh/dead puppy, who I met in Mexico 6 years ago and offered us his apartment to stay in on our first night, even though he wasn’t even there – love you so much dead puppy! Molly, who managed to sneak away from her Irish dancing competition duties to have lunch with us. So wonderful to see your face. 

The biggest thank you goes to Sam though, for being the best road trip buddy I ever could have asked for. It seems that we were just on the same page from the moment I stepped off the plane. What an absolute treat to be able to have that experience with you. 

We took a bunch of footage too so I’ll put together a cute video of the whole thing and post it soon. 

Next adventure is ConFest over Easter. I know it’s going to be so magical. 

If anyone is reading this and they’re going, please reach out and let me know and let’s vibe together! 

On the road at sunset

Autumn trees at a campsite

Breakfast with friends

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