Food preferences – September 2019

I’d like to talk about preferences. And more importantly, food preferences.

Whenever I’m out to eat, which is most nights of the week, there is inevitably one person that asks me why I choose to be vegan. It’s, really, harmless question, but it invites a long discussion about why I am choosing to put, or not put, certain foods into my body. Which is, honestly, no one’s goddamn business but my own.

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Krabi and Pai, Thailand – December 2018

I have landed back in Thailand and I couldn’t be happier about it.

It started with a really shitty travel night. I left Melbourne airport at 7 pm and landed in Krabi, Thailand at 9 am the following morning with very little sleep in-between. My flights went Melbourne to Bali, where I had to recheck-in (so go through immigration, collect my bag and then go to the next flight), Bali to Bangkok to do the same thing again, then Bangkok to Krabi. It was a HUGE pain in the ass. But I made it.

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