Why yoga isn’t yoga anymore

Yoga is changing every day. With new Instagram models taking yoga and splashing it all over our feeds as “self-care”, it’s begun to dawn on me what yoga actually is (and isn’t).

It appears these days that western, or whitewashed yoga, is all about how flexible you can be, how long your limbs are and which tropical paradise backdrop you can do your photoshoot in front of.

Well, I’m done with that. The last few months I have stepped away from posting anything on Instagram and Facebook for my own personal reasons, but also to not be part of the problem of others not feeling as though they are enough.

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Create, Week 1 – March 2020

So, what can we do now? Nothing is open, we’re not together or socialising and none of us can work (or, at least, not many of us). There’s a spooky, empty feeling going around that shadows over all of us. So, how about we just create things instead?

I was thinking the other day, however, that it seems the entire world is being forced to do what I’ve chosen to do. I’ve come home to spend time doing internal work. Winter is coming to Melbourne, which I haven’t experienced in three years. I know now that winter is a time to go inwards, to heal and to do the work.

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