Warrior Wednesday: As we learn to swim.

I combined all my favourite bits from previous blog posts about travelling and put them all in a neat little article.

I wrote this for Intuitive Wisdom, a wonderful site by Laura all about feeling full and gooey inside.

You can read my article here, but here’s a little taste as well:

As a traveller, we often find ourselves caught between two worlds. One is that of grounding and finding home. The other is called wanderlust that we hear whispered on every breeze.

There’s that famous saying “you either sink or swim”, but I like to think that no one ever sinks, we just learn a new way to swim. There is the confidence that comes with becoming a solo traveller. Being able to step out from a plane into an unknown place with no idea on currency, language, food or geography and swimming.

And we usually learn how to swim in the challenges that we face whilst out in the big blue unknown.

I’m learning to swim, in so many beautiful ways. And whilst I continue to put arm in front of arm, again and again in hopes of finding a land to call my home, I am comforted in the fact that a home is a place where we can be ourselves. And my home is my skin that wraps around me safely and securely.

As we learn to swim

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