Yoga in Pai, Thailand – January 2018

Oh wow, have I been busy!!

I’ll start with the fire aspect of my life. We had our big gala performance last Sunday which was a huge success. We estimated about 400 – 500 people were there, maybe more.

It was a strange time for me, this being another show I’m a part of. I felt everyone else’s nervous energy milling around as many of my friends had never done anything this big, whilst I use to do it, solo or in groups, at least three or four times a year.

The show went so well and we got A LOT of tips. Usually, we haul about 4000 baht on a good night. This is about $200 split between the performers. At the gala show, we made 9500 baht which is closer to $500 Australian dollars which is insane! Thank you to everyone who was part of the show to make it happen, and to all the beautiful people who came to watch and support us.

We now have the Flomads in town. They’re another fire spinning group from Cambodia. All week there have been workshops and skill shares for different fire props and other workshops for healing and personal growth. It’s been so fantastic.

However, I haven’t been able to attend as many as I would have hoped. I have found myself both extremely busy and extremely tired. I think after the gala show – attending so many rehearsals every day – I was just ready to crash super hard.

I’ve also picked up another teaching job which is very exciting. A place called Bom Bowls has both of their teachers away for the weekend on a teacher training program which means I’m stepping in to teach. When they come back I’ll remain there and be able to teach classes as well.

Just to put it in to context, this was my Friday. Keep in mind this was after a huge fire spinning session with DJ’s that lasted around 6 hours. I was in bed at 2am, and I was one of the first people to sleep.

7.30 am – Wake up
8 am – Teaching vinyasa at Bom Bowls
10 am – Teaching yoga at Paradise backpackers
12 pm – Breakfast (some would call this lunch, but I believe it’s morning until you’ve had breakfast, so this is breakfast for me.)
1 pm – Nap time
2 pm – Workshop
4 pm – Went to teach a class at another hostel, however no one came to the class so I went back to paradise and did an acro yoga workshop instead
6 pm – Teaching yin yoga at Bom Bowls
9 pm – Fire show at a new bar opening
11 pm – BED!

It feels like I’m back home, racing between everything. Only this time, instead of in my car, Suzanne, I’m on the little pink scooter that I’ve called Bubblegum. It’s a very nice feeling and it makes me feel very much at home. I know it’s just temporary as well until things settle down. Then I’ll be able to sleep very well. I’ll also be moving into my own room soon (I’ve been living in the dorm room up until now) so I’ll finally have my own space.

I’ve found that it’s very hard to be alone recently. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as all the people around me are just absolutely beautiful. However, downtime is also important to recharge. So currently, for the first time since I got back to Pai over a month ago, I’m eating a meal by myself. It feels quite strange, but also quite nice.

And just as I’ve written that, five people I know have walked in separately. Gosh, this place!

The next two weeks will just be teaching and working hard until I go to a festival called Jai Thep in Chiang Mai with all of my friends. It’s a music festival, and I’m lucky enough to be on a performers ticket (which means I get in for free!) It’s very exciting. After that I’ll have to do a visa run out of the country, then there’s another festival called Shambala which is more arts and exchange.

I’ve booked my flight home as well! I land back in Melbourne in March for my cousins wedding and will probably be home for most of March, maybe in to April. It really depends on what happens next and where I want to go. I won’t lie, the funds are starting to dwindle which may mean I need to stop still and work for a while as flights are expensive. But I firmly believe that money finds you where you need to go.

Here are a few photos of me spinning fire which the very talented William Laurence Burchill (WILLSOOONNN) took of me.

Also, this is my new years eve, spent overlooking a grassy field whilst playing with my friends wings as the sun went down for the last time of 2017.

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