Fire Dancing

I began my fire spinning journey in November 2018 when my travels took me to Pai, Northern Thailand.

Whilst teaching yoga at a hostel which held fire shows twice a week, I was absolutely drawn to the flame like a moth.

I began with poi, but couldn’t find my flow with the prop so switched to dragon staff and fell in love. It was only three days after I first picked it up that I lit it on fire and started performing with it. I also perform with palm torches and hoop.

Performing in San Fransisco 2019

With 21 years of dance training under my belt, it only feels natural to be in the flow state with a fire prop rolling around my body.

I have performed at festivals in Thailand, Indonesia, United States and Australia.

Performing at Electric Valley in Thailand 2019
Palm torches and dragon staff solo, October 2019
Dragon staff performance at Electric Valley in Pai, Thailand. February 2019
Acro yoga with palm torches, September 2019
Dragon staff solo, November 2018