Eagle Leg Headstand in Poneloya, Nicaragua

My journey to yoga felt so natural, and now I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life.

After 21 years of dancing, I found myself with little self-esteem and no real path to follow after a 2-year full-time dance course. I still loved dancing, but I didn’t love myself and the world I found myself in.

It was the sudden death of a dear friend, Lauren, that shook me to my core and made me stop dancing that day. I felt that nothing was important anymore and went to Mexico for three months. It was there that I joined a 3-week intensive yoga retreat at Hridaya Yoga in Mazunte, Mexico.

My first headstand in Hridaya Yoga Center in Mazunte, Mexico

To say I was in over my head is an understatement. We were asked to meditate an hour a day, which meant I sat in tears for at least an hour every day, having no idea what to do.

After the course, however, I’d had a taste of what life is meant to feel like and decided to go to India 6 months later to complete my 200-hour teacher training. I went to a school called Yog Peeth in Rishikesh, Northern India and in 6 weeks completed the course.

It was a fantastic journey where I learnt so much about myself and the practice. And more importantly, how important it is to do the work myself first, before giving it to others.

Figure-eight pose

Yoga is a lifestyle, not just a physical practice. And every time I teach I take so much pride in my work. I feel that I am able to give students a safe space in which they are able to explore not only their bodies but their minds and breath as well. It’s a time when we can connect to something far deeper.

I have now been teaching for 8 years in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, the United States and Nicaragua. The styles I teach are vinyasa, power, gentle/slow flow, yin, restorative, hatha and meditation.

Drop me an email anytime to get in touch about yoga near you. I’m always so happy to help support you on your journey.